Eugene Malito's Album, 1942 to 1951

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Gilbert Vincent Quinones
John Anthony Ross

Jerome Anthony Langlois
Robt Joseph McCann

Salvatore John - Malito

Joan Malito 52
EugeneMalito 54

Anna Marie Malito 25
daught Carol 4

Bigger boys terrorized
the younger ones

in boys yard

Program cover
8th grade grad 1951

Diego Padilla-Tom Mc Avinne-Jerome Langlois

Donnellan-Joseph Louis

Certificate of Completion
82nd Airborne 1958

Germany 505th Airborne
Mass parachute jump

Eugene Malito
Parachute training

Jumper poem
"Beautiful Streamer"

Eugene Malito

Eugene Malito
8th grade Diploma

Gloria Lanio 13
Anna Marie's friend

James Malito 33
CA-dod 4-25-77

Jimmy 13 Eugene 10
with Nelly 1946

Langlois brother batting

Langlois older brother
JamesMalito1948 8th gr

Preventorium 6-24-51 Eugene & Joan 13 Malito

Sandy & Eugene 28 Skydiving Lakewood NJ

St Agatha Staff 1940

Ana Marie & Eugene

Eugene Malito 8th grade
Deploma 1951

Eugene Cert Of Compl
82nd Airborne 1958

Eugene's deploma
another view 1951

Tony Lombardi with Sr. Raymond (far right)
1984 Reunion

Tom Maloney with
Ruth ?
1984 Reunion
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