St. Agatha Nuns & Priests

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  Fr Oliverio and Maria  Fr Oliverio  Fr Oliverio and Butch Corranza  Fr Oliverio, Michael Fields, Pat Shaner, Sr Roberts, Olga Sandoval
Fr Oliverio  Jackie, Marie Cueves, Srs Noreen & Grace  Jenny Leon, Fr Oliverio, Ana Jesus  Tom Maloney at Dedication  Mrs Ramsey
Sr & 'Tots'   Pedro and Fr Oliverio  Srs & 'Tots' at Savio Play  Srs and 'Tots' at Graduation  Sr Christine and 70s Residents
Srs Christine & Robert with Tom Maloney  Srs Helen & RoseMichael with Ellen Flower  Sr Jane and 'tots'  Sr Jane 1952  Fr Oliverio and Sr RobertMariet
Sr MarieHenry  Sr MaureenCatherine, a Counselor and St Agatha girls  Sr Noren 2002 Reunion  Sr Noreen and Rosemary Moody  St Agatha girls and Seminarians
Sr. St Raymond and Sr. Michael  Unknown Sister  Sr Joanne and Fr Gagon  Visiting Father  Srs Sheila, Eileen, Katherine
Sr Robert and Nancy Canfield  Srs at the 2011 Reunion

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