St. Agatha Home Kids Then

 Graduation, 1951 /
St Agatha Graduation Class of 1951
(Photo provided by Manuel Salmon)
 names Grads 1951
Girl's Baseball Team 1946
Baseball Team. 1946
TOP: Pat Colberg ROW 3: Pam Kelley, Joan Thomas, Grace Jessup
ROW 2: Joan Ingram, Marie S.
BOTTOM: Mary Youman

Class of 4984
Class of 1984
Grad Photo
Graduating Class, 1949
MvHugh, Masterson, Merna at Yokel's Store, Piermont     Pat McHugh and Ed Masterson
Pat McHugh and Ed Masterson and Bob Merna in front of Yokel's Store in Piermont.
All are St. Agnes Home Alumni, but Pat and Ed started out at St. Agathas.
(Photos provided by Gerry Merna)
Communion 1963
Carlos Matos     Elba Matos      Esther Matos
Carlos   Elba   and   Esther   Matos

Carlos Esther and Elba Matos-1967
Carlos, Esther, and Elba Matos 1967

Mary Stack with the girls by annez 1971-2
Mary Stack with girls from the Annex, 1971-72
Kids in front of St. Agnes Cottage
Kids in front of St. Agnes Main Cottage
(L-R) Dorthea Reynolds, Mildred Roldan,
Esther Matos, Elizabeth Tirado
Seated Nancy Ruiz and Counselor Jean(?)
Photos provided by Esther Matos
Mildred when little A       Mildred when little B       Mildred when little C
Mildred Roldan. She also had 5 brothers; Louie, Henry, Jerry, Richard and Danny
Robert Gargia 1972
Robert Garcia 1972
1st St. Agatha Band, 1938
1st St. Agatha Band, 1938
Manuel,   Norma,   and   Charles -  Salmon, 1945
Visitor's day 1941 The Devlin kids
Group Shot
John Diaz, Jim Figueroa     Diaz boys 1945
John Diaz with the Ladies
Diaz at bat
Diaz family
Home boys with Bob McCann at the wedding
Tom Maloney Choir
4 home girls and a French exchange student     girls on the grass
Joan Prescott and Frances palermo     Joan Prescott, 1950
Johnny Velez, Anna Surace, and Joan Prescott     Johnny Velez & Joan Prescott
Ed Pagan     Mary Youman and friend
Mary McManus 1949     Mary McManus and Anna Surace
Marie Walsh and Unknown
Eloisa Soto, agd 12     Eloisa Soto 1968
Augustin Cruz with Man's buest friend
Bev Sellers 1975     Beverly Sellers, 1970s
Beverly   Sellers
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