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Song: Can you feel the love tonight
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Agosto's Friends



Louise Otero,
Maria & Wilfredo
Nadia Cancel


#5 Anna ? and ?

#6 Anne ?

Liz Vega, Annette
Ritwagger, Ernie
& AnnaVega,
front-Venesa Hicks

Arlene Fairhurst
and friend ?

Arlene Hunter
and son Ozzie


Arlene Hunter
and Jenny Leon


Arlene Hunter
and Lucy Colon


Augustine Cruz

Barbare Triboche
and Nidia Cancel

#15 Carol V's ?
Birthday Party

Pedro Mercado,
Unk, Jose Cortez,
Henry Van Utrech,
Nelson Rosado
Brenda Rodriguez

Candy Chisolm
5th Cottage 7

Debbie Debille-
Lucy Torre-Merina
Gonzales-Debbie Floyd

Eddie Miranda

Eddie Miranda
Hector Medina,
Cousin Fuji

Eddie Miranda,
Hector Medina

Eddie Miranda,
Wilfredo Agosto

#23 Efrain, Sparky

Carol Van Dao,
Arlene Hunter,
Ann Fanfan

Eileen Flowers

Wilfredo Agosto,
Rudy Polk, Emily
Morales, Jose
Cortez, (front unk)


#27 Emily, Joanna

Harry Vega,
Marcia Wilson,
Ernie Vega,
Ralph Cortez

Ernie Vega,
Lucy Colon &

#30Anna & Ernie Vega,
Marcia Wilson ?

Father Oliverio
& Maria Santiago

Father Oliverio

Father Oliverio
saying Mass

Felix Miranda



#37 G Velez,
D Rosado, S Vargas

Juanette Jimminiz

Rudy Agosto

Lucy Colon, Venessa
Hicks, Carol
Hetherington, Liz Vega
Angie Morales

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