Eugene Malito's Album, 1942 to 1951

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Treehand Twins

Anna Marie Malito

Anna10-Eugene6 Malito

Eugene Malito age 6

James Malito age 9

Joan Malito age 4

Anna Marie Joan & Dad

Anna Eugene Joan James

Anna Eugene Malito
Boy's field

Eugene9 Jimmy12

Gloria/Anna/James/Eugene Malito

Joan7 Anna13 Malito

Joan Malito at Preventorium

Antonio John Sierra
Diego Patrick Padilla

Jerome A Langlos
Eugene Malito 6th grade

John A Ross
6th grade

Robert John Turnbull
6th grade

Robert John Turnbull
aspiring priest

Dan Candelaria-Diego
Padilla-Antonio Sierra

Eugene Malito
6th grade

Eugene Malito 12
6th grade

George A Diaz
John A Ross 6th gr

Jerome A Langlois
12 years old

Jerome A Langlois
6th grade

Jerome A Langlois
Diego Patrick Padilla

Jerome Langlois-Diego Padilla-George Diaz

Jerome A Langlois
Eugene Malito

Jerome A Langlois

John & Charles Ross
sled from Phone Co

Joe Way-Bob McCann
Andrew John Donnellan

Bob McCann-McClone-
Jerome A Langlois

Robert J McCann
Eugene M (kneeling)
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