St. Agatha Home Kids - Then and Now

1937 Grad Students       Larry J Viernstein
Larry J. Viernstein - third from the left, bottom row, circa 1936, is shown again in 2008
Back left: 1 ?, 2 Tony Lombardi, 3 ?, 4 ?, 5 Louis Andretta, 6 Bill Lawson, 7 ?, 8 Tom Malony
Front Left: 1 ?, 2 Cosmo Andretta, 3 Larry J Viernstein, 4 ?

Helen Rivera and some kids
Helen Rivera with brothers Jose and Tom, 1949

Helen Rivera 2007
Helen Rivera October, 2007

at St Agnes 1937      Jim Lawson, Married 1954

Tom Dunphy, 1941

Tom Dunphy, 1946-47

Tom Dunphy and Maureen Sheehy, '49-'50

Tom Dunphy, 2004 Carribean Cruise
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