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Adams, Ken   1987 - 1992
Allen, Mrs Nurse '60s
Barry, Dennis Asst. Administrator/Director  
Bea (Brailwaite), Mrs Cottage 73 '60s - '70s
Bechtle, Paul Rec Dept '60s - '70s
Beltrano, Mr. Nick Social Worker '60s wed Eileen Saunders
Mrs Binshoff 3rd Grade Teacher  
Bower (or Bauer), Hank Life Guard '60s
Breckfield, George Swimming Instructor/Rec Aide '60s - '70s
Bryant, Jim Counselor, Coach, Drill Team '60s - '90s
Bryant, Mrs Mary (?) Counselor (?) 1930 - 1940 (?)
Bryant, Mrs Mary Homemaker Cook '60s - '90s
Jim & Mary Bryant run a camp for youth offenders. With emphasis on activities, dignity and self respect.
Camp Agape
PO Box 1566, Clinton, North Carolina 28329
Byrnes, Larry "Coach" Basketball/Softball '70s
Carey, Mr. Seton Hall Counselor '60s
Carr, Al Counselor - 10 Hayden Crl '60s
Carranza, Ed Counselor Loyola '60s
Clark, Clarence Counselor - DePaul/Seaton Hall/Loyola '60s - '70s; wed Patricia Newton
Clarke, John Counselor, Week Ends 1975 - 1978
Connelly, Mr. 4th Grade Teacher '60s
Cooper, Gary Counselor, 12 Hayden Crl '60s
Corbett, Joanne Counselor Hi School Girls '60s?
Corbin, Sarah Counselor '70s
Cowan, Ruth Community Job Service '60d - '70s
Cristello, RoseMary Administration '90s - '20s
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Demetrias "Demo" Counselor  
Dondero, Jerry Counselor, 15 Hayden Crl '60s
Donohue, Kevin A    
Dowling, Jane Counselor  
Dowling, Jim Counselor  
Echeverria, Alessandro "Alex" Counselor '80s - 1994
Fillone, Phil Counselor - Don Bosco, 73 Dorea Ln '60s
Foley, Mary Social Worker  
Flynn, John Coach '60s
Galli, Barbara Teacher P723 1998 - 2005
Ganely, Sharon Social Worker/Foster Home Placement Office '60s - '70s
Garcia, Judy Administration '90s - '20s
Garish, Jim "The Marine" Counselor '60s
Gilmore, Ms    
Grimaldi, Lou Directed Olympic '60s
Groark, Steve Counsellor, Recreations, Residence Mgr 1985 - Present,Home Kid
John-Robinson, Judie Social Worker/ supervisor 150 cottage 1990 - 2003
Hamel, Steve Counselor-Haden/Riding instr/Nite Watch '60s - '70s
Harney, Michael Councelor 1980s
Harris, Mrs. Cottage Homemaker/Cook '60s
Harris, Ms Den Mother, St. Vincent Cottage '60s
Harris, Ronald Counselor '70s
Hennigan, Mrs. Ceramics Instructor '60s
Horn, Mr. Teacher upper school '60s
Jasinski, Claire Counselor, Cottage 73 '60s - '70s
Keegan, Danny Counselor - Seton Hall '70s
email Kempsey, (Camille) Carmela Admin Asst (records) 1992 - 1995; 1999 - 2005
Keysler, Mr. Gym Teacher '60s
Kleinberg, Mr. Woodshop Teacher  
Koklas, Grace Counselor, 5th Cottage '60s
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Lanset, Mrs Instructor  
Lebasci, Bernadette Counselor 5th Cottage '60s
Leroy Counselor - Seton Hall '70s
Lester, Mrs. 3rd Grade and Reading Teacher '60s
Levine, ?   '60s
Lionel Counselor - Seton Hall '70s
Maloney, Tom Home Kid, prefect, coach Alumni President '20s to ? deceased 2002
Marr, Mrs. 2nd Grade Teacher '60s
McCloone, Jerry Guidance Counselor Nanuet HS '70s
McCormick, Jim Counselor 14 Hayden Crl '60s
McIntire, Francis X Counselor-Teacher, Lower School '60s
McMillan, Guy Counselor - 10 Hayden Crl. '60s
Menkrnnick(?), Ms 1st Grade Teacher  
Mike "The Milkman" Kitchen Aide '60s
Minga, Cobra Counselor - [twin] '60s
Minga, Colin Counselor - Teacher Upper School - [twin] '60s
Minga, Mrs<>Davidson Cottage 73 '60s - '70s Mother of twins above
Morris, Ms Den Mother, Haden Crl '60s
Mosley, Anna Ctg Homemkr/cook-DonBosco/Haden/Seton '60s - '70s
Nadal, Maureen Secretary '60s
Natopi, Edna Rec Dept, Ceramics Teacher '60s - '70s
O'Malley, Bud Counselor - [Brothers] '60s
O'Malley, Robert "Bob" Counselor - [Brothers] '60s
Outerbridge,Shelton "Shelly" Counselor - Loyola '60s
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Palmer, Jim Counselor - 10 Hayden Crl. '60s
emailPagan, Hector C Counselor-Science Teacher, Upper School '60s & coach Nanuet HS
Pam Counselor '70s
Paul Counselor - Seton Hall '70s
Pearl Cottage Homemaker/Cook '60s
Rearl (same as above?) Counselor '70s
Platt, Beverly Mrs 5th Grade Teacher '60s
Polk, Donald Social Worker '60s
Polk, Eddie Music Instructor '60s
Polk, Prentice Social Worker '60s
Polk, Rudy Counselor DePaul (about 30 years 'til closing) '50s deceased 6/21/10   Memorial
Pollack, Mrs.(or Pollick) 1st Grade Teacher '60s
Principe?, Elaine Counselor - Drill Team '60s - '70s
Quinn, David Crisis 1999 - 2001
Rentz, Paul Seton Hall, Hayden Cottage, Congers Grp Home 1971 - 1976?
Richards, Grace Live-in Counselor, St. Agnes Cottage '60s - 1964/65
Roberta Counselor '70s
Rocks, John Administration '90s - '20s
Rosen Lang, Roni Social Worker 1971 - 1975
Ross, Mrs. Teacher Kindergarten '60s
Roth, Mrs. Sylvia Art Instructor '60s
Royster, Neil Counselor - Hayden Crl. '60s
Royster, Richard Counselor, Supervisor, Director 1966 - 1998
Royster, Ron Counselor '60s - '70s
Ryan, Kathy Counselor, Cottage 73 '60s - '70s
Rydell, Art [twins] Counselor  
Rydell, Tom l [twins] Counselor  
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Sailor Dr. Psychiatrist '60s
Santiago, Ms Teacher '70s
Saunders, Eileen Rec Dept/Coach '60s- '70s Married Nick Beltrano
Scerber, Mr. Upper School Teacher '60s
Silverman, Marilyn Sr Recreation Specialist 1974 - 2005
Silverman, Marty? Life Guard '60s
Slowinski, Stanley A Ph.D Volunteer 1963 - 1965
Smith, Christia Child care/Supervisor/Community edu. 2000 - 2005 & 2007+?
Schneider, Shiela Admin Unit B '90s - 2000s
Stokes, Virginia Counselor '70s
Switzer, Mr. Teacher, Upper School '60s
Taylor, Al Counselor DePaul '60s
emailThomas, Barbara Counselor, 13 Haydon '72 - '75
Thompson, Kenneth "Kenny" Counselor - 10 Hayden Crl: Child Care 1971 - 1973
Tisdale, Jim Counselor '60s - '70s
Vitolo, Ms Home Room teacher 1990s
Walkley, Ed [class '70] Coach  
Walsh, Jim Counselor Loyola '60s
Walsh, Kay Helped at dorms '50s
emailWalsh Harney, Kelly Councelor, Seaton Hall 1982 - 1985
Walsh, Mr Social Worker '70s
Weber, Mr. Upper School Teacher '60s
White, Mr. Transportation '60s
Wood, Elizabeth Worked W/Sr. Magdalen '50s
Yano, Ed Softball, Basketball-Coach/ Rec Aide '60s - '70s
Toung, Ed Counselor-Teacher, School, Principal 1967 - 1972
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Sr. Agnes    
Sr. Alexander House Nun, Seaton Hall '60s
Sr. Anysia   '50s - '70s
Sr. Barbara   '60s
Sr. Charles Mary/Kathy Kling Surgell 72 Duryea, St. Agnes 9/2008
Sr. Christine Softball pitcher '60s - 2000s?
Sr. Catherine Neck (Sr. M Adegonda) St Patrick Villa, NYC 1934 - 1943   3/1857 - 4/1943
Sr. Clara St. Agnes Cottage '60s
Sr. Clare Third Cottage '60s - ?
Sr. Concettina(Josephine McConnell)    
Sr.Eileen(same asSr Rose Michael?)   60's
Sr. Grace   1949 - 2005
Sr. Helen Murphy St. Agatha Director '60s
Sr. James (now Sr. Kathrine)   1968 - 2005
Sr. Joanne   '60s
Sr. Katherine King Group Mother 1968 - closing (2005)
Sr. Kathleen (Sheila Normoyle?)    
Sr. Keven De Paul Cottage '60s
Sr. Luis Cottage Nun Hayden Crl '60s
Sr. Louise   '60's
Sr. Marian Cecelia Director '60s
Sr. Marian DePaul Cottage Nun - Don Bosco '60s
Sr. Mary Rose Upper School Teacher '60s
Sr. Nolen    
Sr Norberta   '30s - '40s
Sr. Noreen 5th Cottage '60's
Sr. Patrick Marian Dorm Room Leader '50s
Sr. Peter Math Teacher '60s
Sr. Raymond   '60's
Sr. Roberts Cottage Nun Hayden Crl '60s
Sr. Rosa Upper School Teacher '60s
Sr Rose Michael/Eileen Walsh Little Flower-73 Duryea Lane '62 - '75 (Eileen Patreisia Walsh?)
Sr. Sheila Finucane Social worker 1969 - present
Sr. Sylvia 1st Grade teacher  
Sr. Veronica Doren (AKA Sr. Stanislaus) - Principal '60s
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Father Terence Cooke Priest, later Cardinal 1947 - ?
Father Daniel Keegan Priest '60's - 70's
Father McDonald Priest  
Father Oliverio Priest '60s -
Father Taube Priest '60s
Tom Seminarian  
Babett Little Flower pet lamb '60s
Ballerina Pony '60s buried near Horse Stable
Blackie Hayden pet dog '60s
Inky Cottage 73 dog  
Lucky Ron Lugo's dog, Hayden Crl. '60s
Rusty Home dog '60s
Skippy Cottage 73 dog '60s
Snoopy Nelsi's pet dog '60s
Spikey Seton Hall pet dog late '50s
Spot Loyola's dog '60s
Tuffy Priest's dog '60s
Staff: 166
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