Home and Grounds, Winter-1948

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18 Car Garage

Apple Orchard Gazebo

Band Room


Bath House at Brook

Boys/Girls Restrooms

St. Agnes Cottage

Brooderhouse Wagonshed

Chaplain/Female Staff Res

Chicken Coop

Chicken/Duck House

Enclosed Summer House

Enclosed Summer House

Flynn House Male Qtrs

Garage Behind St Roche


Vsitor's Grotto


Hennery Brooder House

Hennery Brooder House

HS Girls Big House

Little Flower House

HS Girls Little House

Mt Carmel

One Car Garage

Pagoda St Joseph

Paint Storage Vault


Preventorium-Girls Dorm

Print/Carp/Engnr Res

Pump House


Sacred Heart Cottage

Vegetable Cellar

St Patrick Villa

St Roche Quarantine

Summer House


Summer Playhouse

Upper School

Water Tower,Girls Dorm

Water Tower

Staff Breakdown-1948

Population 1885 - 1948

Adminisration Bldg, 1950

Chapel & Admin Building


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