St. Agatha Home Kids: Who are they? Do you know?

Are you in this photo?
Home Girls
REAR: 1?, 2Patricia Storan, 3Sr Patricia Marian, 4Maureen Sheehy, 5Olivia Carranza
FRONT: 1Ashley Ridwager, 2?, 3Rosemary Storan, 4?

8th grade class, 1965

TOP: 1Sr. ?, 2Sr. Patricia, 3Tony Soto, 4Jose Rodriguez(Fundador Maldonado), 5Frankis DeMary,  6Willie
ROW 2: 1Ishmael Cruz, 2Joe Pita, 3Clayton Chisolm, 4Benito LaSalle(Illis), 5Vernon Fields, 6John
    Cowles, 7Billy Hetherington (Cutone), 8Mugs McGuinness, 9?, 10Ralph Mercado
ROW 3: 1? 2Manuel Roman 3Richie Moore 4Tommy Fasulo 5John Wheeler 6Gerard Richardson
John Miller, 8Tommy Beckman, 9Regina Gomez, 10Nancy Canfield
ROW 4: 1Carmen ? 2Ana Fanfan 3Olga Hernandez 4Gladys Rivera 5Shirley Clark  6Mercedes Vasquez,
    7Maria Ayala, 8Elizabeth Acevedo, 9?, 10Carmen Garcia
ROW 5: 1?, 2Brenhilda Rodriguez, 3?, 4Rosa DeJesus, 5Rita Rosado's sis, 6?, 7Kathy Mann  8Melany
    Lucher, 9Carol VanDao, 10Suzanne DeLaMothe,
ROW 6: 1 Ricky Rosario, 2 Jay Swayne (Lemuel's bro), 3 ?, 4 Eddie Cortez (Cheeks)

CYO Photo about 1963

BACK: 1 ?, 2 ?, 3 ?, 4 Gigi (HS Girl's Counsellor), 5 ?, 6 ?, 7 ?, 8 Johnny DeMary
MIDDLE: 1? 2? 3Carmen Sandoval 4? 5Nina Knishu 6Jose Garcia 7? 8Virginia DeMary  9Millie Leon
    10?, 11Patricia Newton, 12Long VanDao, 13Barbara Tribocki, 14?, 15Nora Cruz, 16Fr. Oliverio
    17Justina Perez
FRONT: 1Emily Morales, 2?, 3Nidia Cancel, 4Robert Diaz, 5Maria Sandoval

1st Communion Boys

Rear ?
1 ?, 2 ?, 3 Steve Frias, 4 ?, 5 ?

Group Photo Girls 1940-ish
red 1   red 3   red 2
William J "Bill" Doherty St Agatha 40s-51; St Agnes 51-55
Four Agatha Girls
Four more Agatha Girls
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