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St Agatha 2011 Reunion 200+ Come Out for St. Agatha Reunion
They all met up during the Nanuet Family Festival on Saturday June 6, 2011
[By Kim Tran of the NANUET PATCH.]

Itís the late 1960s and children waited for the weekend to watch for that familiar bus. Off the bus steps their parents who traveled from New York City to Nanuet to visit with their kids for a few hours under the gazebo pavilion at the St. Agatha Home........

St Agatha's property renovation near completion

Today, the 37-acre property at Convent Road and Duryea Lane belongs to the Nanuet School District and all but one of the buildings has been leveled. The concrete roads have been ripped out, new drainage pipes and underground utilities are in place and plans to put in a community green space with two athletic fields and a paved walkway are about a month from completion. .......

California Fire 2007 EVCUATION STORY
The phone jangled me awake. It was 4:15 a.m, I think. I knew before I heard the strange male voice, what it was about: "We are evacuating Rancho Bernardo, can you alert the neighbors?" .......

Where did Orhpan Train kids go? 'Orphan train' riders share common bond'
Until 1929, children abandoned on New York streets were sent west to begin new lives with new families. Few orphan train riders survive, but for those who do, their 'bond is forever.' BY RICHARD CHIN
Bridge between
then and now

Nancy Canfield's story as reported in LORE Magazine
Then: As a girl, Nancy Canfield lost her parents and then home after home after home before spending the rest of her childhood in an orphanage.
Now: As an agent with Prudential California Realty, she helps family after family find homes of their own. The link is unmistakable. .......


Bell Tower Update

St. Agatha Home's bell tower may be converted to Nanuet museum - NANUET - Kevin Donahue stopped his car on the side of Convent Road yesterday as tears flooded his eyes. The sight of St. Agatha Home's bell tower resting safely on the ground was too much to handle. .......

Demolition begins NANUET - Demolition work is only a couple of weeks away at the Nanuet school district's St. Agatha property, school and construction officials said this week.
"It's coming very, very shortly. ... You're going to see some significant demolition-type equipment," said Kevin Sawyer of Long Island-based Triton Construction.

Bell Tower to be saved Jul 3 2007, NANUET - It felt like just another hot, summer afternoon for members of the alumni committee as they chatted in front of St. Agatha Home last week. But the group's year-long efforts to save a bell tower that sat atop the administration building were about to pay off ........
Work begins at HOME Jan 9 2007, NANUET - Work on the Nanuet school district's St. Agatha 's property should begin this spring, Superintendent of Schools, Mark McNeill, said tonight.
HOME was St Agatha Nancy Canfield's extensive look at "The Story of St. Agatha Home for Children," sums up the longtime Nanuet shelter. There is "success" on the faces - youngsters pictured .......
Rockland Nuns Honored Their legacy stands in all corners of Rockland - from elementary schools and colleges to residences for senior citizens and the developmentally disabled .......
red ArrowSaint Agatha Property NANUET voters yesterday overwhelmingly approved the school district's plan to borrow $18.25 million to buy and clear the St. Agatha's property .....
NY Foundling Article

Focus Magazine Article - Nancy Canfield's contributions to St. Agatha Home
For Children through the proceeds of her book, "Home Kids"


Tony Lombardi Tribute

A memorial for a Nanuet letter carrier, who fought at Normandy and returned home to walk what he believed was 100,000 miles on his route, is one step closer to reality.

Project Turning Point Project Turning Point in Nanuet has been awarded an almost $152,000 grant by the federal Department of Health and Human Services, allowing it to expand its services to its runaway and homeless youth program.
Orphan Train Story Siblings Agnes and Otto Harriet spent their early years on the mean streets of 19th century New York City. Orphaned by the time Agnes was in first grade, the brother and sister were packed onto a train and sent west - -See also "Orphan train Ride" and "Orphan Train Depot" under "General Links" on the "home Page".
Nancy Canfield Honored Rancho Bernardo's Honorary Major, Realtor, and Author, Nancy Canfield is honored because of her contribution to the NY Foundling through her book, Home Kids, The story of St. Agatha Home for Children
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