Jim Bryant's - "Our Home Movies"
Combination of 8 videos

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By: Ron Lugo

Ok my fellow St. Agatha's Home Alumni, here's an undertaking I so honorably put together some time ago, one I'm sure for the many of us that have passed through the doors of SA will wholeheartedly appreciate and enjoy. The very existence of this footage truly accounts for an integral chapter of our history as Homekids and clearly a keepsake treasure that will touch the souls of us all.

First and foremost.. I would like to thank a Godsend Staff Member, Mentor, Coach, Leader, and Friend - James Bryant. It is with love that Jim has graciously allowed us to share in some of his most cherished filmstrips taken at St. Agatha's, thus without his blessing, this material would most assurable be taking up space somewhere in the obsolete. The reflective collection of memories here I believe we can all agree, lends more to just being a video recording, it serves as an invitation to a pastime that highlights a vivid part of You and I.

Around 2004 or there about, I obtained a DVD recording fittingly entitled "Our Home Movies"
I was told that it contained a wealth of film footage featuring Homekids on the grounds at St. Agatha throughout the 1960's recored by counselor Jim Bryant. Needless to say once in my hands, I was beyond words and so excited to view its priceless content , after all , it was during my fond-ful stay at the home. Years later, knowing most Homekids hadn't secured a copy, I decided to make it my business to have it's contents made available to all. Thanks to constant growth of technology, I'm so delighted to be able to share it with you today.

Therefore in a nutshell, the footage here is basically a glimpse back at a time when Homekids commonly gathered about aimlessly, carefree, sociably; a simpler time when just being a kid was well, "just being a kid".. My how the times have changed.. I'm sure throughout this viewing some of you will recognize many a face's places and structures now no longer standing. Just another reason why this contribution is indeed invaluable. So lay back my friend and enjoy the time-capsule of events here before you, for those were the Wonder Years!..

Again, thank you Jim Bryant !

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