Paul Fabrizi Photos

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Pope John Paul with Italian
American Legislator Gp
Paul Fabrizi, top row

Sen Malcolm Smith, Assem-wman
Audrey Pfeffer, Sen Serphin R. Maltese
NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg
Paul Fabrizi & Queens notables

Italian American
To: Paul Fabrizi

2006 Paul Fabrizi
Curtis Sliwa
Sen Maltese

Paul Fabrizi
Phil Sica
Justine DeSanzo

Sen D'Amato,
Lynn Alpert, Sen Maltese
Paul Fabrizi

Paul Fabrizi
Man of the Year

Meeks presents
award to Paul
'40 Joe "Dingo" Murray
Tony Fabrizi
John "Wimpy" Freedman

'37, center is
Tom Maloney

'37 TMaloney rear
T Lombardi w/dipl.

1937 Grad

1937 Graduation Class
ST. Agatha School
Paul Fabrizi

1937 Diploma
Paul Fabrizi

'41 Graduation
Class Roster

TZ High Class of 1941
at Washington DC

'41 TZ Grad Dipl.
Paul Fabrizi

'91 Paul Fabrizi
Tom Maloney

1991 Reunion
Class of 1941

TZ High Class of 1941
at Washington DC #2
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