"How do I get information on my personal records?"

Old St. Agatha Records are available from The New York Foundling. If they are your personal records, send a letter of request. Identify yourself and indicate what information you are seeking. Mail to:

The New York Foundling
Records: Wendy Freund
590 Sixth Ave
NY, NY 10011

OR The New York Foundling
Adoptions: Yvonne Wintz
590 Sixth Ave
NY, NY 10011

Phone: 212 206 4171

In order to help The Foundling avoid excess telephone calls, and to allow them sufficient time to do any necessary research of their records, please do not call unless (a) you don't understand their response, or (b) you have not received a response in a reasonable period of time, normally four to six weeks after you have written to them.

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