Marilyn Rudy Brunetto

In Loving Memory

Brother and Sister Alums,

It is with a deep sadness that I report that my dear sister, Marilyn Rudy (Brunettto) passed away a week ago today [7/12/13].

The Rudy family experienced a major upheaval when the father of 6 children, ranging in age from 1 – 7 died of a heart attack. The baby was adopted away to a barren couple living next door. In 1947, the remaining children, “Rudy,” Marilyn and Carolyn (the twins), George and Jimmy were placed at St. Agatha. Rudy and George distinguished themselves at St. Agatha with their athletic skills, Marilyn and Carolyn for their social skills—they were both liked and respected by the girls in their dorms, and “Jimmy” with his academic prowess. By degrees, the family finally “went home for good” starting in 1956, when Rudy graduated and went on to Cardinal Hayes HS in the Bronx, Marilyn, Carolyn and Jimmy in 1957 and George in 1958.

Marilyn, if she was anything in her life, she was a defender, ever vigilant and protective of her more retiring twin, Carolyn and certainly of her two younger brothers. She suffered rheumatic heart disease as a child and over the course of years, it took its toll. Renal failure and its complications was the decisive ailment that took her life. She lived her final years in Dumont, NJ. Besides her surviving brothers and sisters, she leaves two wonderful daughters, Yvette and Jeanette and a bunch of grandkids. Ernie Goldman, who was her life companion for the past 15 years, and his son, were her primary caregivers in the last stage of her life.

I know that many of her fellow S. Agatha friends and schoolmates would want to know and that they will add their grief and mourning to our own.

Every good wish,

Jimmy Rudy

PS. I just happened to meet Sr. Christine on my last visit to see Marilyn. I stopped by the remaining grounds at St. Agatha and offered my prayers for Marilyn at Our Lady of Lourdes grotto, Sr. Christine offered to offer a mass and prayers and just before leaving for Marilyn’s funeral, I got a tender card from her, affirming her best wishes for Marilyn. With as many indulgences that came her way, she is no doubt already knocking on Heaven’s door!


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