St. Agatha Alumni Reunion 2017

Hello again… Alumni.

A year has past and we are close to our annual reunion event at Rockland Lake State Park in Valley Cottage, New York. This year on Saturday June 3, 2017 I will again wake up really early and head over to our spot outside the fence on the North West corner of the South swimming pool at Rockland Lake State Park and put something on as many tables as I can, to save them for our alumni gathering (First come first served). This event is so special in so many ways; aging makes clear for so many of us how lucky we all were to have had the opportunity to be placed at St. Agatha Home for Children. looking back now you can see clearly the special care we received from all the staff, sisters, (nuns) counselors, and lay people who grew in their own knowledge caring for us all. We were given a unique opportunity to develop a second family, we now call “HomeKids”. This very special shared experience that is still very difficult to, explain even to our loved ones today.

So much happens in our lives to all of us, changing us from one year to the next. Through these annual re-unions, we catch up with each other’s changes. We create opportunity to rehash what we know to be special in our lives due to our common past. I noticed over the last few reunions that more than one generation of alumni are “representing” at our event, I’m so glad… there is no way to know what everyone’s experience was for them at St. Agatha’s other than to ask…

This year I am asking you all to please come and “Make this special” I know that there are people coming that have not been there before. People from all over the country are going to be there, to share this time with us. Make some time again this year, really reach out, and bring one more family member or a special friend. Encourage and assist each other to make it to this reunion 2017. We all would love to see you there.

Some announcements:

1. Try to bring what you want to share, this year you can shop at the local “Food town” on Route 303. There is a “Rite Aide” store, Pizza, Chinese food and a sandwich shop and Oh! The “Dollar Store” all in the same lot. On, Route 9W across from the bus stop there is a “Healthy Food Deli”; you can get cooked food there as well.

2. You will only have to pay for parking once. You can leave and come back all day with your ticket in the front windshield.

3. Carpooling makes sense, so make plans now.

4. The North pool is not open for swimming. The South pool is. So, if it happens to be warm, bring a bathing suit.

5.There is boating in the park.

6. There is a 3.5-mile walkway around the lake in the park.

Who: All alumni, staff, family, and friends are invited.

What: To gather as friends and family, eat and be merry.

When: Saturday June 3rd 2017, from 9:AM – 6:PM

Where: Rockland Lake State Park for an Alumni Gathering.

How: Anyway you can get there. (Direction’s will be forth coming)

Special notes:

Ron has posted Reunion flyer's on all our sites… please share it with everyone and keep re-sharing so everyone will know.

Victor will bring the old St. Agatha Arial maps and copies of Nancy Canfield's book "Home Kids".

Please remember to plan and bring what you will need for a picnic; food and drink, hats and chairs and if you cannot, please come anyway. There is always food and drink to share.

Let's meet, greet and share in the joy as One.


from Ron Lugo & Victor Castro

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