St. Agatha Alumni Reunion 2016

Hello Alumni, Another new year 2016 and a new chance to get together again.

As some of you may recall, last year Victor Castro spoke with a staff member from the office of the Nanuet Resource Center who over previous years have allowed the alumni to join in on the Nanuet Family Festival, held on the former St. Agatha grounds. Unfortunatley, they said the event will no longer be held on grounds. The local Nanuet Chamber of Commerce operates a village event around the same weekend and they did not want to compete with that. Therefore, the Family festival organizers decided to join the village event. This means in all likelyhood, all future reunions will be held at another location.

Ron Lugo and Victor Castro had discussed the previous years gathering at Rockland Lake State Park and agreed they went very well, thus we thought we‘d do it again.

Who: All alumni, staff, family, and friends are invited.

What: To gather as friends and family, eat and be merry.

When: Saturday June 4th 2016, from 9:AM – 6:PM

Where: Rockland Lake State Park for an Alumni Gathering.

How: Anyway you can get there. (Direction’s will be forth coming)

Special notes:

Ron has posted Reunion flyer's on all our sites… please share it with everyone and keep re-sharing so everyone will know.

I will bring the old St. Agatha Arial maps and copies of Nancy Canfield's book "Home Kids".

Please remember to plan and bring what you will need for a picnic; food and drink, hats and chairs and if you cannot, please come anyway. There is always food and drink to share.

Let's meet, greet and share in the joy as One.


from Victor Castro 

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